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Hero Scape

Heroscape Rise Of The Valkyrie Complete 30 Figure Set With Cards


Heroscape Master Set Figures W/ Cards: 30 Figures


HEROSCAPE Random Figure Lot of 10 - See pics - HERO SCAPE figurines


Heroscape Master Set Rise of the Valkyrie NEW!


Heroscape Master Set: Swarm of the Marro (Figures and Cards Only) 


Heroscape: Volcarren Wasteland 2005 - Complete except NO BOX


Heroscape Thora’s Vengeance Warriors Of Ashra


Heroscape lot Terrain, 11 Figures, cards


Build Your Heroscape Army - Rise of the Valkyrie - 30 Figures and Cards


Fire Elemental - Heroscape- Wave 11/D1 - Forgotten Realms - Free Ship Available


Marvel Heroscape Master Set: The Conflict Begins Game (Figures and Cards Only)


Heroscape: Zanafor's Discovery -Heroes of Trollsford- Wave 4 


Heroscape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie (Figures and Cards Only) 


Heroscape Expansion: Thaelenk Tundra Set nearly complete


Dungeons & Dragons Heroscape Master Set: Battle For The Underdark (Figures Only)


Heroscape Fen Hydra Champions Of The Forgotten Realms


Heroscape Vampire lot


Heroscape: Thaelenk Tundra -Complete except NO BOX


NEW Heroscape Expansion Set Collection 6 Dawn of Darkness zombies NIB


Heroscape Dawn Of Darkness Wave 6 Complete


Heroscape Terrain Lot - Green And Water Tiles - Expansion Multiple Hex Tiles


Heroscape 4th Massachusetts Line Utgar’s Rage


Heroscape Dawn Of darkness Expansion Set 15 Figures 8 Cards


Heroscape Krug Utgar’s Rage


Heroscape Dice Lot (Variety)


Heroscape FiguresTerrain Replacement Parts Pieces Huge Lot #2A


BIG Heroscape Utgar's Rage Swarm Of The Marro Expansion Set Figures Terrain LOT


Heroscape Terrain and Dragon Lot


Phantom Knights - Heroscape Wave 11 - D1 Champions of the Forgotten Realms




Heroscape Ninja lot


Heroscape Rise of the Valkyrie 30 Figures with Cards and Accessories no Terrain


Heroscape Road to the Forgotten Forest Expansion Set Milton Bradley Hasbro